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"What the Deuce Are You Staring At!?!"

'Family Guy'-Inspired Paintings


Family Guy, the subversive and hilarious Fox animated comedy that was twice canceled and then returned to the airwaves by popular demand, has once again broken new ground. Family Guy serves as the inspiration for an entirely original series of artwork which will have its Los Angeles debut November 8, 2006 at The Museum of Television & Radio. "What The Deuce Are You Staring At!?! A Collection of Interpretive Work Inspired by Family Guy," the first Pop Surrealist exhibition of new works inspired by a television series, is presented by 20th Century Fox Television Licensing & Merchandising. Featuring the new pieces of twenty-one emerging artists, the exhibit remains on public view through January 21, 2007, when it will embark on a world tour of animation galleries around the globe.

Many of us won't have the opportunity to see this collection. I only hope these fantastic works are released as posters, or better yet, postcards that allow us to share our passion for Family Guy.

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"Dial 91" by Spencer Laudiero"Dial 91" by Spencer Laudiero"Shriner Stewie" by Kathie Olivas"Shriner Stewie" by Kathie Olivas"Cookie Quest" by Joel Trussell"Cookie Quest" by Joel Trussel"Wait A Second" by Greg "Craola" Simkins"Wait A Second" by Greg "Craola" Simkins
"A Possessed Peter Finds The Magic Marigold" by Ryan Bubnis"A Possessed Peter Finds The Magic Marigold" by Ryan Bubnis"Giggity!" by Rik Catlow"Giggity!" by Rik Catlow"Luke Chueh Versus The Family Guy--Brian Griffin" by Luke Chueh"Luke Chueh Versus The Family Guy--Brian Griffin" by Luke Chueh
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