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Family Guy

Back by popular demand! "Family Guy" returns to the air waves soon. Learn more about the episodes and its characters. Plus, download "Family Guy" pictures, sounds and video clips.
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Show Guide
Complete guide to 'Family Guy,' with character descriptions, history, synopsis and trivia.

'Family Guy' Characters
The Griffins are the central characters of 'Family Guy.' Following is a short bio for each Family Guy character.

Cast List
List of the 'Family Guy' cast, including guest stars and who does what voice.

Family Guy Review
Read fan reviews then share your review of Family Guy.See submissions

Family Guy Picture Gallery Index
Family Guy episodes have ranged in storylines from Peter trying to keep his job, to impressing his in-laws to saving the world. Episodes have included a wide variety of guest stars, too. Each Family Guy gallery is listed in this index for easy access.

Family Guy Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge about Peter Griffin, his family and friends in this Family Guy trivia quiz. Ten questions in all.

10 Best 'Family Guy' Episodes
List of my favorite top 10 episodes of 'Family Guy,' some for their controversial nature and some because they're freakin' hilarious.

Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, has risen fast through the ranks of animated TV. Learn more about the life and career of Seth MacFarlane.

Interview with Patrick Warburton
Patrick Warburton, of Seinfeld and Family Guy fame, discusses The Tick, his career, his family and why he doesn't do theater.

Peter Griffin Profile
Learn more about Peter Griffin, including his near death experiences and his favorite beer.

Peter Griffin's Best Scenes on Family Guy
Peter Griffin's finest moments on Family Guy. Tell us!

Stewie Griffin Quotes
About's quotations guide gives you a rundown of Stewie's funniest quotes.

Family Guy Returns
Family Guy will return with new episodes. Read the article for details.

Family Guy Live!
To celebrate the return of Family Guy to Fox, the cast and creator will read an episode live at shows in Los Angeles and New York. Read the article for details.

Family Guy Official Site Profile
Here's a rundown of the goodies, merchandise and video clips to download at Fox's official site for Family Guy.

Guide to FOX New and Returning Shows 2014-2015
FOX unveils 2014-2015 season, even though Kevin Reilly previously declared pilot season was dead.

Download Cartoon Theme Songs and Sounds
Looking to add some background music to your desktop? Try these lists of places to download MP3s or other sounds or songs from your favorite cartoon, like "The Simpsons."

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