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Top 10 Springfield Elementary Episodes

'The Simpsons'


Springfield Elementary is the school where Bart and Lisa Simpson learn English, math and social skills. Principal Skinner is the headmaster, with Edna Krabappel, Bart's teacher, at his side. Springfield Elementary has been the setting for some of the best episodes on The Simpsons. These top 10 episodes get an A+.

1. "Bart Gets an F"

Bart Gets an F - The Simpsons

In this second season opener of The Simpsons, Bart spends the night playing video games instead of studying. So, he gets an F on his history test. When enlisting Martin Prince and making a deal with God still doesn't help his grade, Bart blurts out a history fact in frustration. Miss Krabappel is impressed that he learned anything, and changes his grade to a D-.

Favorite Fact: I love that Edna uses "Old Red" to grade her tests.

2. "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"

Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song - The Simpsons

Superintendent Chalmers fires Principal Skinner when Santa's Little Helper and Groundskeeper Willie become trapped in an air vent. Feeling responsible, Bart befriends Skinner and plots to have Flanders fired from his new position as principal. His plan fails until Chalmers hears Flanders say "Lord" over the loudspeaker.

Favorite Dialogue:

Skinner: "How do I get out of the army?"
Bart: "No problemo. Just make a pass at your commanding officer."
Skinner: "Done and done. And I mean done."

3. "Bart the Lover"

During detention, Bart snoops through Mrs. Krabappel's desk and discovers she has placed a personal ad in the paper. He replies to her ad as Woodrow, and begins a correspondence romance with her. He goes so far as to schedule a date, but never shows. At Marge's urging, he writes a romantic letter to let her down easy.

Favorite Moment: Seeing the vulnerable side of Krabappel when she realizes her date will never show.

4. "Separate Vocations"

Lisa's career test reveals that her future will be as a (gasp!) homemaker. Discouraged, Lisa loses interest in school and becomes a bad student. She steals the teacher's editions of the textbooks when Miss Hoover punishes Lisa for telling her to "shove it." Bart, as hall monitor, takes the fall when he realizes his sister is the thief. Lisa plays her saxophone during his detention to show her gratitude.

Favorite Moment: Lisa's parody of The Wild One.

5. "The PTA Disbands"

Skinner cuts back on funding for books, food, and salaries. Frustrated and furious, Krabappel rallies the teachers into a strike. Poor substitutes for substitutes are called in for duty. Without the normal routine of school, the children begin behaving strangely, including Lisa and Bart. Marge becoming Bart's teacher is the last straw. He negotiates a deal between Krabappel and Skinner.

Favorite Thing: I love seeing Professor Frink, Groundskeeper Willie and the rest try to teach class.

6. "Lisa Gets an A"

Lisa becomes obsessed with video games and neglects to study for a test. Her need for an 'A' turns her to the dark side of cheating. Her 'A' results in a financial grant for Springfield Elementary. During a celebration in her honor, she confesses her crime. Prepared for her honesty, the town pulls a fast one with the state representative, and gets the money in the end anyway.

Favorite Scene: We see Nelson's office in the restroom, complete with a "Salesman of the Month" plaque.

7. "Brother's Little Helper"

During Fire Safety Day, Bart fills the gym full of water with the fire hose. Bart is diagnosed with ADD and put on Focusyn. He becomes a genius--a paranoid genius. Bart discovers that Major League Baseball is spying on everyone through the use of satellites after he shoots one down from the sky.

Favorite Bit:

Lisa: Are you standing up to get me to leave?
Bart: It's from the book. ("Seven Highly Effective Habits of Pre-Teens")
Lisa: [reads] Hey, I'm not a time burglar.
Bart: [types in electronic organizer] Memo to self: Lock door.

8. "Skinner's Sense of Snow"

A massive snow storm strikes Springfield, blanketing the entire town under piles of snow. Bart and Lisa are horrified to learn that Springfield Elementary is still in session. At school, the students and Skinner discover they are snowed in. Bart and the rest manage to make their unbearable situation a little more liveable by capturing Skinner and taking over the school. As de facto leader, Bart runs the school with an iron fist.

Favorite Part: The entire episode lived out my childhood fantasy.

9. "Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd Grade"

Due to their scores on an achievement test, Bart is demoted to third grade, and Lisa is promoted to the same grade. On a field trip to Capital City, he overhears her insulting him. He ruins Lisa's state flag entry in response. They miss the bus home due to their feuding. Bart and Lisa meet mountain folk, who reunite them with their family. Skinner puts them back into their respective grades.

Favorite Quote: The family is tired of "suckling on the six network teat" and gets a satellite.

10. "I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can"

Principal Skinner holds an all school Spelling Bee, which Lisa easily wins. If she wins the state finals, she can be in the Spellympics. At the state Spelling Bee Lisa wins, but is disappointed with Homer who tells her Ribwiches will keep him away from her celebration. At the Spellympics, Homer arrives just in time for Lisa to do her final word. She blows the lid off of the rigged contest, but then misspells her word. Springfield still celebrates.

Favorite Prize: Lisa's double-wide locker.

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