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"Treehouse of Horror"


Treehouse of Horror XI - The Simpsons

Marge, Bart, Homer, Lisa and Grampa Simpson

Twentieth Century Fox

What are "Treehouse of Horror" episodes?:

Every year, The Simpsons airs a Halloween special. Within that episode there are three different, creepy stories that have nothing to do with anything else throughout the season, no continuity. Even the opening and closing credits are filled with ghoulish phrases. For instance, "Treehouse of Horror X" was directed by Pete Scary Spice Michels. "Treehouse of Horror" episodes take on an air of spooky festivity.

In an interview, Executive Producer Al Jean said that "Treehouse of Horror" episodes are the easiest to write because there is an endless amount of source material to parody.

Are "Treehouse of Horror" episodes the season premieres?:

No. Twentieth Century Fox refers to them as Halloween specials, and not official season premieres. Sometimes, these episodes are the first ones to air in a season, thanks to Fox's coverage of the World Series. For some seasons regular episodes are aired before "Treehouse of Horror."

What are your favorite "Treehouse of Horror" episodes?:

Whew! That's a difficult question to answer because each episode is so funny and kooky. I'd have to say my favorite is "Treehouse of Horror X" because it includes "Desperately Xeeking Xena," when Bart and Lisa become Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl, respectively. I love Comic Book Guy, and this send up of fanboys in general is riotous. It also includes "Life's a Glitch, Then You Die," when Homer and Bart end up on the rocket headed to the sun, along with Rosie O'Donnell and Pauly Shore. Seeing celebrities parodied always gets me laughing.

"Treehouse of Horror" Recaps:

"Treehouse of Horror" Pictures:

Whether Homer is a giant blob who eats up Springfield or Ned Flanders is the devil, "Treehouse of Horror" episodes can play with our favorite characters personae. Browse the "Treehouse of Horror" Picture Gallery

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