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"South Park" Season 6 Preview

The Return of Kenny


"South Park" Episode "A Ladder to Heaven"

South Park Studios
New episodes of "South Park" are ready to roll for the fall season. Expect more political, racial and just plain nasty jokes in upcoming episodes.

In the first episode, titled "A Ladder to Heaven," Stan, Kyle and Cartman want Kenny back so badly, they'll try anything. They decide to build a ladder to Heaven where they expect to find Kenny and bring him back to South Park.

But Kenny isn't the only one residing in Heaven; when we last checked Saddam Hussein was being detained in paradise as well. As their ladder stretches skyward, the U.S. government carefully monitors the boys' progress. Will the boys find Kenny? Is Saddam stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in heaven? You'll have to watch to find out.

Speaking of Saddam Hussein, expect to see the dictator lampooned often this season. Trey Parker told TV Guide Online, "We can't avoid the big topics like other shows. Three weeks after Sept. 11, we did a whole Osama bin Laden episode. People were stoked on it. It got nominated for an Emmy, actually. So we were just like, f--- it. Now, we've gotta do a whole thing about Iraq and Saddam, 'cause Saddam's always been a big part of "South Park." In the movie, he was the big character. So we're going to do a big thing with him in the season premiere."

Don't miss all new episodes of "South Park" starting November 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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