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'The Simpsons' Gifts

Games, Toys and More


Collecting The Simpsons merchandise is easy because there's so much to choose from. But how do you decide what you want to shop for if you're a fan of The Simpsons? Here's a list of great games, toys and gifts for Simpsons fans.

1. Action Figures

Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy Action Figures
Playmates released a slew of wonderful action figures from The Simpsons. When these figures are placed on Simpsons playsets, they even say quotes! Now even more companies have won licensing and are selling bobbleheads, bendables and more.
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2. DVDs

The Simpsons The Complete Thirteenth Season DVD
Fox Home Entertainment

Whether you buy complete seasons of The Simpsons, or a themed DVD such as "Treehouse of Horror," any fan would be happy to receive a Simpsons DVD as a gift. The extras included in the boxed sets, such as commentaries by Matt Groening, animatics and featurettes, make these gifts even more fun.

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3. Games

The Simpsons Operation Game

Many classic board games are available in The Simpsons theme. You can also buy something electronic, such as a video game or a handheld game.

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4. T-Shirts and Apparel

Homer Simpson T-Shirt

Spread the fun with t-shirts of Homer Simpson wearing headphones or anything proudly displaying Duff Beer.

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5. Books and Guides

Flanders Book of Faith
Novices and experts on The Simpsons will enjoy these books. The guides are packed with trivia and quotes. The more serious works, including The Gospel According to The Simpsons, raise The Simpsons to a higher form of learning.
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6. Soundtracks and CDs

The Simpsons Movie Soundtrack

The Simpsons has produced many memorable songs, such as "The Stonecutter Song" and "Mr. Plow." The songs are, at times, touching as well as funny. The songs on The Simpsons are usually composed by Alf Clausen. Relive funny times in the car listening to a "yellow" CD.

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7. Posters

The Simpsons as Sopranos Poster

Posters and prints are great gifts for college students, kids and anyone who wants their walls to look hip and funny. I highly recommend the full cast poster from The Simpsons, which includes every character in Springfield. Fans can have fun picking out obscure characters from the crowd. (Where's Grimey?)

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8. Calendars

The Simpsons Calendar

Calendars are great gifts for holidays or birthdays that fall late in the year. You can choose from small desk calendars to large ones that hang on the wall. I recommend buying calendars with quotes and trivia.

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