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Best of Harry Shearer Movies


Harry Shearer has been a hard-working actor in Hollywood for years. His abilities as a character actor have landed him choice roles. Following are my top picks for his best work in film, from the funniest to the most dramatic.

1. This Is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap is the number one movie Harry Shearer is known for. The 1984 film changed the landscape of comedic movies by satirizing concert films, even being shot as if it were a documentary. This Is Spinal Tap became legendary, spawning legions of fans and copycat films. Everyone involved in the making of the movie is now a major player in Hollywood. Harry Shearer's subtle, yet hysterical, portrayal of Derek Smalls is genius.
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2. For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration
Starring in another Christopher Guest satire, Harry Shearer plays Victor Allan Miller, who gets carried away when their no-name cast begins getting Oscar buzz about their performances in their small, independent film titled Home for Purim.
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3. A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind
In this wonderful satire of folk music, Harry Shearer plays Mark Shubb, one of the Folksmen. He puts his musical abilities to good use, as he did in Spinal Tap. His demeanor and '60s attitude is dead on.
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4. Dick

In the movie Dick, starring Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst, Harry Shearer really puts his skills as a character actor to the test. He portrays G. Gordon Liddy during the fall of President Richard Nixon. He plays it with just a hint of a wink at sarcasm.
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5. My Best Friend's Wedding

Harry Shearer plays Jonathan P.F. Ritt, a poetry reader, in this Julia Roberts romantic comedy. His dry wit and mild manner work well in this role.
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6. Godzilla

Though the movie wasn't much of a hit, Harry Shearer's portrayal of a smarmy newscaster was successful. Boy, he can really play a jerk, can't he?
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