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"The Simpsons" The Complete Fourth Season DVD

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


"The Simpsons: The Complete Fourth Season" DVD

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

The Bottom Line

Another fantastic season released on another wonderful DVD of "The Simpsons." But get your "next chapter" button finger warmed up. Most menus require two clicks to select what you want without waiting an eternity. Other than that, this should be a requirement for every DVD library.
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  • Brilliant episodes.
  • Interviews about controversies.
  • Commentary on every episode, some including Conan O'Brien.


  • Annoying menus.


  • "A Word from Matt Groening" introducing the fourth season.
  • Commentary on all episodes, some including Hank Azaria, Jon Lovitz and Conan O'Brien.
  • Featurette titled "Bush vs. Simpsons" detailing the Bush family's response to "Bush vs. Simpson."
  • Animation Showcases including picture in picture, storyboards, animatics, commercials.
  • "The Cajun Controversy" about the controversy surrounding a song in "A Streetcar Named Marge."
  • Deleted scenes.
  • Easter egg bonus commentary and sketches.
  • Full-screen format.
  • Four disc set.
  • Promotional syndication reel.

Guide Review - "The Simpsons" The Complete Fourth Season DVD

By the fourth season, "The Simpsons" was a well-oiled, laugh factory of a machine. The fourth season includes my favorite episode, "A Streetcar Named Marge." It also includes one of my husband's favorite episodes, "Kamp Krusty." Plus, any time we see a train of any kind, one of us begins to chant "monorail--monorail--monorail" from "Marge vs. the Monorail," also in season four of "The Simpsons."

I'm not going to go on and on about how funny, witty, slick and smart these episodes are. You probably already know that. So, let's talk about the DVD set.

First, the menus will drive you crazy. When you select something, a fun animation starts to play... forever. I love cool menus as much as the next fan, but these should have been quicker. You can use the "next chapter" button to get past it, but in essence, your hitting a button twice to select something once.

The bonus features on "The Simpsons - The Complete Fourth Season" are a lot of fun. Commentary contributors include creators, producers, cast members, and writers. There are two very interesting featurettes detailing controversies surrounding "Bush vs. Simpson" and a song from "A Streetcar Named Marge." For really geeky fans, there's plenty of details about the actual animation of the show. Plus, the deleted scenes are interesting, and some of the old commercials made me feel seriously, well, old. Even the booklet that comes with the DVD set is handy and well-designed.

Run out and buy your copy today. You'll eat it up.

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