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Trivia & Quotes


Fun trivia quizzes and list of character quotes from your favorite current and classic cartoons.
  1. The Simpsons Trivia Quizzes
  2. More Trivia from The Simpsons
  3. Other Trivia Quizzes

The Simpsons Trivia Quizzes

Homer Simpson Drools

The Simpsons is the perfect cartoon for testing yourself and your friends with trivia quizzes. With so many fun characters, spoofs, guest stars and sight gags The Simpsons provides an endless amount of trivia.

More Trivia from The Simpsons

The Simpsons Guide to Springfield

Whether it's a list of sight gags or Bart's prank calls to Moe's, these lists compile fun trivia from The Simpsons.

Other Trivia Quizzes

Futurama - Fry

Trivia questions can come from what the characters are saying to what you see in the background. Test yourself with these other cartoon trivia quizzes.


Homer Simpson and Pink Donut

Cartoon characters, like any good comedic character, say the funniest things. They lend themselves well to easily remembered quotes.

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