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'Felix the Cat'


Felix the Cat: Golden Anniversary Edtiion

Felix the Cat: Golden Anniversary Edtiion

Classic Media

Felix the Cat:

Felix is the black cat and with wide, white eyes and a big grin who originally appeared in 1928, mostly as a test run for broadcast television. Since then, the mischievous cat has appeared in countless TV episodes, feature films and now DVDs. Felix the Cat was the first cartoon character to gain enough popularity to draw audiences to his own movie. He regularly finds himself in crazy situations and must dig into his "Magic Bag of Tricks" to solve his problems.
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Felix the Cat was created in 1919 by artist Pat Sullivan and animator Otto Messmer. He made is debut in Feline Follies. Originally he had no bag of tricks, like he did in the 1958 TV cartoon that would come later, but used his transforming tail to get out of sticky situations. After Felix's success in shorts and films, the crafty cat was the first success in merchandising, mostly as dolls. But when "talkies" became popular, the silent cartoon series came to an end in 1928, after over 150 cartoons.

In 1936, with animator Burt Gillett and director Tom Palmer, new cartoons with sound were made, such as Felix the Cat and the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.

Five episodes were made from 1958 to 1960 under producer Joe Oriolo. These episodes featured the villainous Professor, who coveted Felix's magic bag of tricks. Rock Bottom, the Professor's assistant, Poindexter, the professor's nephew, rounded out the cast.

Golden Anniversary Edition DVD Extras:

Original 1920s Feline Follies film short. Interview: Through the Ages with John Canemaker. Archival Promo Reel.

Golden Anniversary Edition Episodes:

The Felix the Cat: Golden Anniversary Edition contains 31 full-color episodes. The episodes on disc one include "The Magic Bag," "Into Outer Space," "Abominable Snowman," "Felix Out West," "Electronic Brainwasher," "Felix the Cat Suit," "Do- It- Yourself Monster Book," "Blubberino the Whale," "Ghostly Concert," "Captain No- Kiddin'," "Felix in Egypt," "Detective Thinking Hat," "Balloon Blower Machine," "Friday the 13th," "Stone Making Machine" and "Penelope the Elephant."

On disc two you'll find "The Money Tree," "Oil and Indians Don't Mix," "The Glittering Jewels," "The Gold Car and County Fair," "Sheriff Felix vs. the Gas Cloud," "Felix's Gold Mine," "How to Steal a Gold Mine?," "Private Eye Felix and Pierre Mustache," "The Gold Fruit Tree," "The Flying Saucer," "Felix Baby- Sits," "Instant Money," "Master Cylinder - King of the Moon," "The Invisible Professor" and "Venus and the Master Cylinder."

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