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'Drawn Together' Characters


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Toot Braunstein
Drawn Together - Toot Braunstein

Drawn Together - Toot Braunstein

Comedy Central
Toot Braunstein is a full-figured star from the 30's, when cartoons were in black and white, much like Betty Boop. Back in her day, she was quite a sex symbol. Now, not so much.

Toot seems sweet, but she's mighty nasty underneath. She's quite jealous of the other girls in the house because they're thin and in color. She may also be jealous of their youth, as Toot's real age is debatable. Toot has done some devious things, including convincing Clara that she was pregnant with Foxxy's child, eating all the food in the house, and lying to Super Nanny in order to get Captain Hero in trouble.

Toot Braunstein suffers terribly from depression, which leads to drinking, binge eating and self-mutilation. She's battling her eating disorder, with the help of her housemates. She's been seen binging (cheese is her favorite food) and has even eaten a TV, a cell phone, and Ling-Ling, though she later brought him back up.

Toot was almost replaced on the show when she was the only one who didn't make it back to the house after the cast was stranded on a deserted island. Much like Kenny on South Park, Toot has died many deaths on Drawn Together.

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