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Who to Follow on Twitter

Cartoon Edition


Twitter is one of the most popular ways of connecting with people, including celebrities, actors and other folks from TV. Use this list to follow the funniest and most informative people in the world of cartoons.

[adult swim] @adultswim

Official Twitter feed for Adult Swim, with schedule updates, premieres and funny quotes.
Recent tweet: "The veracity of that last tweet is in doubt. The phenomenality of this #BlackDynamite is not"

Adult Swim UK @AdultSwimUK

Official Twitter feed of Adult Swim across the pond. Is it different? You know those Brits, of course it is. Well, at least the time zone is.
Recent tweet: "CATBEARD! #catbeard"

American Dad ‏@AmericanDadFOX

Official Twitter feed for American Dad with news and pictures.
Recent tweet: "Spoiler: we will see a bit of Rogers's home world when one of our characters leaves Earth this season on #americandad #FOXSDCC #SDCC."

Bill Oakley‏ @thatbilloakley

Writer and showrunner for The Simpsons, created Mission Hill.
Recent tweet: "Movie theaters are only a few years away from selling you styrofoam peanuts (with ranch or cinnamon dipping sauce) for $9.50 per tray."

Black Dynamite @BlackDynamite

Official Twitter feed for Black Dynamite on Adult Swim.
Recent tweet: "#IHaveAWeakSpotFor five thousand dollar cars and hundred dollar suits."

Bob Schooley @Rschooley

Executive Producer of The Penguins of Madagascar and Kim Possible.
Recent tweet: "If Aaron Sorkin had created Romney, he couldn't be any more of a liberal fantasy candidate."

Bob's Burgers @BobsBurgersFOX

Official FOX Twitter feed for Bob's Burgers.
Recent tweet: " #bobsburgers Cooks Up Goofy Guests, Holiday Hijinks (Including Pee Balloons?): via @TVLineNews>"

Brickleberry @BRICKLEBERRY

Official Twitter feed for Brickleberry on Comedy Central.
Recent tweet: "Check out this clip from our first episode 'Welcome to Brickleberry.'"

Butch Hartman ‏@realhartman

Creator of The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom and T.U.F.F. Puppy.
Recent tweet: "Just saw Terence Stamp on the way to Comic-Con. I survived an encounter with General Zod!!!"

Cartoon Brew @cartoonbrew

Mostly fed from the amazing blog of Cartoon Brew, about all things animation, not just TV.
Recent tweet: "Don't miss 'Snail Trail' by Philipp Artus, the latest film in our Student Animation Festival!"

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