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Download Sounds for Animated TV

Looking for sound clips of Homer Simpson, Eric Cartman or Bender? These links will help you find sounds for your favorite shows.
  1. Futurama (3)
  2. The Simpsons (13)

Download Cartoon Theme Songs and Sounds
Looking to add some background music to your desktop? Try these lists of places to download MP3s or other sounds or songs from your favorite cartoon, like "The Simpsons."

Top Sites to Download Sounds
Fans love to download sounds from "The Simpsons," "South Park," "Family Guy," "King of the Hill," and "Futurama." But sometimes the sound files are difficult to find on the web. Here they are!

King of the Hill Sounds
This site is chock full of great information about King of the Hill. Read the viewing guide, listen to sound clips, and review a list of hysterical quotes.

South Park Sounds
Sound clips from every episode of South Park.

Best Cartoon Music - Best Songs from Cartoons
You tell us the best cartoon music and songs from cartoons.

The Drunken Clam
Named after the local bar on "Family Guy," this web site offers fans great wallpapers and cool clips.

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