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"The Simpsons" Comic Books



"The Simpsons" Comics was started when Steve and Cindy Vance introduced "Simpsons Illustrated," which was published four times a year by Welsh Publishing Group, Inc. In January 1993, Steve and Cindy formed Bongo Comics Group with their pals, Matt Greoening and Bill Morrison.

Related Comic Books:

After Bongo published "Simpsons Comics And Stories Issue," they started to publish other comics such as "Simpsons Comics," "Bartman," "Radioactive Man" and "Itchy and Scratchy Comics." In 1995, "Lisa Comics," "Krusty Comics" and "Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror" were introduced.

Recent History:

In late 2000, after Bongo published "Simpsons Comics #51," they decided to publish it monthly instead of bi-monthly. In October 2000, Bongo released the first issue of "Bart Simpson Comics," which is published four times a year.


Thanks to "The Simpsons" Archive for this information.
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