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Cartoon Character Costumes



These costumes of cartoon characters are fun for adults to wear for Halloween or other party occasions. Find costumes for hot bodies or a silly sense of humor. Dress up as SpongeBob, Pebbles Flintstone, Homer Simpson and more for Halloween.

1. Duffman

Duffman Costume
This cool Duffman costume comes complete with Duff beer belt and built-in muscles. All that's missing is you and your Duffman impression.
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2. Finn Costume

Finn Costume Hat from Adventure Time
No one expects an adult's costume to be completely kitted out. Keep your Halloween costs low by buying this Adventure Time hat that Finn wears. Then, throw on a blue shirt and a green backpack and your costume is complete. Create your own adventure by pairing up with a buddy dressed as Jake.
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3. Jake the Dog Costume

Jake the Dog Costume
Wearing this fun, over-sized costume won't allow you to shape-shift, but it will get you lots of attention from Adventure Time fans. Make the night even more fun by pairing up with a buddy dressed as Finn.
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4. Princess Bubblegum Costume

Princess Bubblegum Costume
Let those other women dress as vapid Cinderella or Snow White. You can be a princess with brains when you wear this Princess Bubblegum costume from Adventure Time. She's a scientist!
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5. Homer Simpson Oversized Mask

Homer Simpson Mask
D'oh! You'll be the life of the party or office wearing this mask of Homer Simpson. Throw on a white shirt and blue jeans, and you've got the whole costume put together. To go for an episode-specific costume ("King-Size Homer"), wear a muumuu.
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6. Bart Simpson Oversized Mask

Bart Simpson Mask
Bart Simpson is another fun character to wear as a costume. This mask, plus blue shorts, a red t-shirt and a skateboard completes the costume. For bonus points, wear Bart's lucky red hat.
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7. Stewie Griffin Costume

Stewie Griffin Costume
Who's more popular than Family Guy's Stewie Griffin? That's why he's included on this cartoon character costume list. Otherwise, I think the mask is super creepy, which I guess is good for Halloween.
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8. Eric Cartman Deluxe Costume

Eric Cartman Costume
You can parade around as South Park's nastiest kid in this Eric Cartman costume. The mask shows Eric's devious smile.
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9. Rigby Costume

Rigby Costume from Regular Show
You can be the coolest raccoon on your block with this Rigby costume. Nab a friend dressed like Mordecai, and a golf cart, and you can recreate Regular Show.
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10. Mordecai Costume

Mordecai Costume from Regular Show
You're too cool to put on a full costume, so wear this hoodie that still looks like a costume. Blue Jay Mordecai, from Regular Show, would understand. Find a friend to dress as Rigby to make your own episode.
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