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Characters from 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons characters are unique and hilarious. Everyone from the star, Homer Simpson, to the cameo characters, such as Disco Stu, make each episode special. Learn more about all the characters from The Simpsons.
  1. Bart Simpson (9)
  2. Cletus (3)
  3. Discu Stu (3)
  4. Flanders (4)
  5. Gil (2)
  6. Grampa (2)
  7. Guest Stars
  8. Homer Simpson (37)
  9. Itchy Scratchy (5)
  10. Kang Kodos (1)
  11. Krusty (4)
  12. Lisa Simpson (5)
  13. Maggie Simpson (4)
  14. Marge Simpson (5)
  15. Maude Flanders (2)
  16. Mayor Quimby (5)
  17. Moe Sczyslak (4)
  18. Nelson (2)
  19. Patty Selma (3)
  20. Pets (3)
  21. Professor Frink (2)
  22. Ralph (3)
  23. Reverend Lovejoy (1)
  24. Skinner (2)
  25. Smithers (3)
  26. Troy McClure (2)

A detailed profile and picture of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons.

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Captain McCallister
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Chief Wiggum
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Comic Book Guy
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Don Brodka
Though Don Brodka only appeared in one episode, this fan has dedicated a site called Try 'N' Save to the security guard.

Dr. Hibbert
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Dr. Nick Riviera
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Fat Tony
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Groundskeeper Willie
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Hans Moleman
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Kent Brockman
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Milhouse Van Houten
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Mr. Burns
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Reverend Lovejoy
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Sideshow Bob
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Sideshow Mel
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Squeaky Voiced Teenager
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A German site devoted to the Springfield exchange student Uter. Includes downloads and more.

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