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Assy McGee Pictures

Pictures of Assy McGee Patroling, Riding His Razor and More


In the big city, crime is running rampant. Drugs, robberies and even murder are around every corner. Things are looking bleak. It's a good thing that Assy McGee is on the case.

Assy McGee is the Adult Swim animated series from executive producers Carl Adams and Matt Harrigan. It features a policeman who has a butt where his head should be. Actually, his body is only from the butt down. But Assy still manages to stop crime and shave from time to time.

Here are pictures from Assy McGee.

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Assy McGee on his Razor ScooterAssy McGee Riding a RazorAssy McGee in the AlleyAssy McGee in the AlleyFather Goose and Assy McGeeFather Goose and Assy McGeeAssy McGee and Don SanchezAssy McGee and Don Sanchez
Assy McGee with PistolAssy McGee with Pistol
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