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'Superjail' Pictures

Pictures of the Warden, Jared, Jailbot, Alice


Heavy animation and violence run rampant in Adult Swim's original series Superjail. Created by Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick and Ben Gruber, the series uses flash animation to create traditional animation gags that move at a dizzying pace. Superjail is the most intense and complicated jail in the universe, residing on a remote island under the tedious eye of the mysterious and slightly delirious Warden. Browse this picture gallery to learn more about the characters of Superjail.
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Inmates - Season 2 - SuperjailInmatesThe Warden and Lord Stingray - Season 2 - SuperjailThe Warden and Lord StingrayJared Jailbot The Warden Lord Stingray - Season 2 - SuperjailFlying ContraptionAlice and The Warden - Season 2 - SuperjailAlice and The Warden
The Twins - Season 2 - SuperjailThe TwinsSuperjailTrioSuperjailInmatesSuperbar"Superbar"
SuperjailPrisonersSuperjail"Bunny Love"SuperjailJaredSuperjailBunnies vs. Wolves

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