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Let's Fish

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Let's Fish is fun and light-hearted. The use of live actors grounds the series in semi-reality, while the use of an animated background and animated characters allows for imaginative situations and stories. Let's Fish also takes aim at the American way of life, providing thoughtful social commentary.


  • Fresh premise.
  • Chemistry between main actors.
  • Social commentary.


  • Will they be stuck at sea all the time?


  • Stars Scott Adsit (Moral Orel, Robot Chicken) as Don and Brendon Small (Home Movies) as Kevin.
  • Actors are filmed as live action. The world around them is animated.
  • Part of Adult Swim's Pilot Week

Guide Review - Let's Fish

In Let's Fish, Don and Kevin are two guys who went fishing and ended up stranded at sea. What's different about Let's Fish is that Don and Kevin are live actors, while the sea and everything and everyone else are animated.

I really enjoyed this Adult Swim pilot. Let's Fish is silly and thought-provoking at the same time. For instance, in a fantasy about eating at a fancy restaurant, Don and Kevin argue about whether the fantasy is racist if the waiter is black, which leads to truly racist images appearing in the fantasy (like, right now, don't think about elephants. You can't!), and the guilt that comes with accidentally thinking racist thoughts.

We also meet a raft full of Cubans, who are bringing with them all their belongings, including their car, their bling and their finest clothes. When we meet them, they're chomping away on food, but will not offer our starving protagonists anything because they say Americans have all they could want, so they don't need any more.

The most ambitious part of Let's Fish happens next: a musical number. I don't mean a rap song a la Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I mean a full on Broadway-style song, a la Family Guy. For a low budget Adult Swim cartoon, a musical number like that, even animated, is ambitious.

All in all, Let's Fish was my favorite pilot of Adult Swim's "Night of 1000 Pilots." I could relax and laugh, and even hum along.

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