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Adult Swim

Adult Swim began as a block of cartoons airing in the wee hours on Cartoon Network in 2001. Adult Swim became an official network in 2005, breaking away from Cartoon Network for purposes of reporting ratings. Learn more about Adult Swim cartoons, with show guides, character profiles and interviews with cartoon creators.
  1. 12 oz. Mouse (4)
  2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (18)
  3. Boondocks, The (7)
  4. Brak Show, The (3)
  5. China, IL (3)
  6. Drinky Crow Show, The (3)
  7. Harvey Birdman (10)
  8. Home Movies (8)
  9. Merchandise (3)
  10. Metalocalypse (6)
  11. Perfect Hair Forever (3)
  12. Robot Chicken (1)
  13. Samurai Jack (4)
  14. Sealab 2021 (4)
  15. Space Ghost (4)
  16. Squidbillies (4)
  17. Stroker & Hoop (2)
  18. Superjail (4)
  19. Tom Goes to the Mayor (3)
  20. Venture Bros., The (10)
  21. Xavier: Renegade Angel (4)

Adult Swim 101
A beginner's guide to Adult Swim, what it is and some of its best shows.

Assy McGee
Assy McGee is an animated comedy on Adult Swim. Read this show guide to get you acquainted with cop Assy McGee and the rest of the cartoon.

Assy McGee Pictures
Pictures from the Adult Swim series Assy McGee, including pictures of policeman Assy McGee riding his Razor and on the job.

Black Dynamite
Learn more about Adult Swim's answer to Shaft in the cartoon Black Dynamite, including a review and cast information.

Frisky Dingo
Learn more about Frisky Dingo, the cartoon about a big, white bad guy who just wants to run his business. With lots of guns and blood.

Let's Fish Review
Let's Fish was aired during Adult Swim's "Night of 1000 Pilots." Let's Fish is part animation, part live action. Read my review of this fresh new show.

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil
Lucy, Daughter of the Devil is a cartoon airing on Adult Swim. From Loren Bouchard, creator of Home Movies, Lucy, Daughter of the Devil has a dry, monotone but sharp wit. Learn more about the premise and characters of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil Pictures
Pictures from the Adult Swim cartoon Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, featuring Lucy, the Devil (Satan) and DJ Jesus.

A brightly colored cartoon that only lived one season on Adult swim.

Moral Orel
A show guide for Moral Orel, a stop-motion animation cartoon on Adult Swim that skewers the self-righteous.

Moral Orel Pictures
Browse a picture gallery of the stop-motion animated cartoon.

Pee-wee’s Playhouse
If you remember Jambi and Cowboy Curtis, then you remember Pee-wee's Playhouse. Read more in this profile.

That Crook'd 'Sipp
Rapper David Banner brings his own view of Mississippi to Adult Swim in That Crook'd 'Sipp. That Crook'd 'Sipp is disjointed, but funny and fresh. Find out more.

The Oblongs: The Complete Series DVD
A review of the The Oblongs, a short-lived cartoon series that aired before its time.

The PJs
The PJs show guide, including pictures, characters and more information. Learn more about The PJs.

Titan Maximum
Titan Maximum is a stop-animation show created for Adult Swim by the same team who make Robot Chicken. Learn more about Titan Maximum.

Titan Maximum Pictures
Pictures from the stop-motion animation cartoon Titan Maximum on Adult Swim.

Xtacles is a cartoon on Adult Swim from the creator of Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021. Learn more about the premise and characters of Xtacles on Adult Swim.

Adult Swim Upfront
Adult Swim announces new and returning shows for the 2011 and 2012 season.

Adult Swim 2012 Upfront Presentation
The big rundown on new and returning cartoons for Adult Swim in 2012 and 2013, including a new Halloween special and DC Comics special.

Top 10 Free Online Games Based on Cartoons
Whether it's "The Simpsons," "South Park" or Adult Swim shows, I've found the best free online games to waste time on the Internet.

Favorite Online Game
Share your favorite online game.

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