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Best of "Treehouse of Horror" Toys


The Simpsons has a Halloween tradition of airing "Treehouse of Horror" episodes every year. Those episodes have spawned toys providing treats for the holiday that won't expand your waistline. Enjoy the best of "Treehouse of Horror" toys.

1. Ironic Punishment Treehouse of Horror

Treehouse of Horror Ironic Punishment Playset
This playset is inspired by "Treehouse of Horror IV" where Homer visits the Ironic Punishment Division of Hell. The playset is a re-creation of Hell. It has figures of Evil Willie, Hugo (Bart's "evil" twin,) Witch Marge and Donut Head Homer. The figures come with fun accessories and classic quotes from the episode.
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2. Springfield Cemetery Treehouse of Horror

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Springfield Cemetary
This Springfield cemetery replica comes with four figures: Ned Flanders as The Devil, Bart as The Fly, Homer as King Kong and Mr. Burns as Dracula. It's fun to hear Dracula Burns say, "Oh, precious blood."
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3. Collector's Lair Treehouse of Horror

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Collector's Lair
This Simpsons playset re-creates the Collector's Lair, shown in "Treehouse of Horror X." The figures include the evil Collector Comic Book Guy, Bart as Stretch Dude, Lisa as Clobber Girl and Lucy Lawless. Best playset ever. Well, third best.
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4. The Simpsons Bendables Zombie Set

The Simpsons Bendable Zombies Treehouse of Horror
This pack of bendable and poseable "bendy" figures includes Zombie Homer, Zombie Marge, Zombie Bart, Zombie Lisa and Zombie Maggie. You also get Snowball I, appropriately dead and wearing angel wings.

5. Skeleton Homer Simpson Plush

Skeleton Homer Simpson
What a fun toy! Homer's "skeleton" glows in the dark. This plush doll stands 15" high, and includes his costume and mask. Plus you get a Simpsons keychain.

6. "Treehouse of Horror" DVD

The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror DVD
This Simpsons DVD includes contain Treehouse of Horror" episodes V, VI, VII and XII, plus a "featurette" with those drooling aliens Kang and Kodos.
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7. Skeleton Bart Simpson

Skeleton Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson stands 10" tall, wearing his skeleton costume, complete with mask. Move him into spooky poses. From Toy2R.
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