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Kristen Schaal


Kristen Schaal - Bob's Burgers

BOB'S BURGERS cast members Kristen Schaal signs autographs at the FOX FANFARE booth during FOX FANFARE AT COMIC-CON 2011 Friday, July 22 in San Diego, CA.

Brian Dowling/FOX


Kristen Schaal is a funny, talented actress with a distinctive voice. She was born in 1978 in Longmont, Colorado, where she was raised on a farm. After graduating from Northwestern University, she moved to New York and began performing stand-up comedy. Her large eyes, pinchable cheeks and easy smile later helped her snag her share of comedic roles.

'Bob's Burgers':

Kristen Schaal voices one of the main characters, Louise, for Bob's Burgers. Louise is a little girl who is wiser and more mischievous than most kids her age. She is never seen without her pink, bunny-eared hat. In an interview for Fox, Kristen once said, "If I ever met a 9 year-old like Louise, I'd be terrified."


Recent credits for Kristen Schaal include

  • Flight of the Conchords as Mel
  • Dinner for Schmucks as Susana
  • Toy Story 3 as Trixie
  • Shrek Forever After as Pumpkin Witch

Additional film and television credits include Modern Family, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, When In Rome, Get Him To The Greek, Valentine's Day, Mad Men, Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother.


Kristen Schaal won Best Alternative Comic at the 2006 Aspen Comedy Arts Festival and the New York Comedy Festival's Andy Kaufman Award. She is also the recipient of the New York Nightlife Award in 2006 for Best Female Stand-Up. In October 2005, she was included in New York magazine's "The Ten Funniest New Yorkers You've Never Heard Of." Her Comedy Central Presents special debuted in 2009. Kristen Schaal recently completed the run of her two-person show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she and her comedy partner were nominated for an if.comedy Award.


Kristen Schaal recently published The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex, a sex guide co-authored with boyfriend and The Daily Show writer Rich Blomquist.

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