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12 oz. Mouse

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


12 oz. Mouse vomits on a poor woman at a local bar.

12 oz. mouse vomits on a poor woman at a local bar.

Cartoon Network

The Bottom Line

I love 12 oz. Mouse. To me, this cartoon is what Adult Swim should be. It's experimental, but in a cheap, simple, not-trying-to-be-cool way. There's not much to the characters or the plots, which makes it that much easier to enjoy the silliness that ensues on 12 oz. Mouse.


  • Nothing fancy to distract your attention.
  • Irreverance at its finest.
  • Crude animation is actually refreshing.
  • Great voices and tunes behind the cartoon.


  • One-joke plot can get old.
  • If you're not into it, the slow pace can kill you.


  • Characters include a mouse, a chinchilla and a shark.
  • Adventures include robbing banks and drinking beer.
  • Crude animation with fun soundtracks and voiceovers.

Guide Review - 12 oz. Mouse

12 oz. Mouse is about Mouse Fitzgerald, sometimes known as Fitz. Fitz drinks a lot of beer, enjoys robbing banks, and occasionally takes odd jobs. His sidekick is a rockin' chinchilla named Skillet. His boss for the occasional odd jobs is Shark.

The beauty of this show is that the animation is made up of childish drawings, while the voices of the characters are deep and lazy. The dialogue isn't necessarily witty, but the contrast of the crude cartoon to the deep bass voices, and occasionally hip and rockin' music, makes everything that much funnier.

12 oz. Mouse has elevated the pregnant pause to the highest comedy pedestal. I imagine their script has a lot of dashes and elipses thrown in. The upshot is that their punchlines zag when you expect a zig.

You have to love the characters to love 12 oz. Mouse. The creators obviously do. There's definitely a fondness for Fitz, Skillet and Shark that comes through in the dialogue. There are no clever pop culture references, only the world of Mouse and his buddies and their adventures. Therefore, the surrealistic humor is derived from the simple catastrophes that occur to these loser-but-cool characters.

The animators may draw the pictures crudely, but they use clever cutaways, pans and sight gags to add to the hilarity.

I miss shows like Space Ghost on Adult Swim, and 12 oz. Mouse is the kind of show that can almost fill the gap. There are no flashy pictures, no cutting edge agendas, just plain silly and cheap animation.

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