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Kent Brockman - The Simpsons Characters - Animated TV - About.com
Kent Brockman is the news anchorman on The Simpsons.
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Kent Brockman - The Simpsons - Twentieth Century Fox. Kent Brockman. Kent Brockman. -. Apu. Apu. Comic Book Guy - The Simpsons - Twentieth Century Fox .
"The Simpsons Guy" - Animated TV - About.com
In August, Harry Shearer won an Emmy award for his voice-over work as Mr. Burns, Smithers, Kent Brockman and other characters in the episode "Four ...
Laugh Lines From Bart, Lisa, Sideshow Bob, and Krusty the Clown
Kent Brockman: Ladies and gentlemen, I've been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and I can say without hyperbole that this is a million times worse than all of ...
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Kent Brockman is eaten by a mascot, yet he appears intact in the end. When Martin is asleep in class, Lewis can be seen in the background, but after Martin's  ...
Picture of The Simpsons Mr. Burns and Britney Spears - Animated TV
Britney Spears co-hosts the annual Springfield Pride Awards with Kent Brockman in "The Mansion Family" on The Simpsons . When the original winner of the ...
'The Simpsons' Episode Guide - Season Nineteen - Animated TV
But Homer is living a double life as a secret agent, and he is assigned to eliminate Kent Brockman. When a mysterious woman blocks Homer's shot and tries to ...
The Simpsons Episode Guide - Animated TV - About.com
Next, Krusty's latest fast-food sandwich transforms news anchor Kent Brockman into an enraged zombie and twenty-eight days later, cannibal zombies have ...
The Simpsons Season 9 Episode Guide - Animated TV - About.com
Lisa is "anchorchild" of a TV news show for kids, but Bart steals the show after some coaching from Kent Brockman. Meanwhile, Homer's "helper monkey" is no  ...
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... Special II: Villains In Paradise"; Harry Shearer as Kent Brockman, Mr. Burns, Younger Burns, Smithers in The Simpsons, "Four Regrettings And A Funeral".
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