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Kent Brockman - The Simpsons Characters - About Animated TV
Kent Brockman is the news anchorman on The Simpsons.
The Simpsons Characters Pictures - About Animated TV
Mayor Quimby · Mayor Quimby - The Simpsons Mayor Quimby · Chief Wiggum - The Simpsons Cheif Wiggum · Kent Brockman - The Simpsons Kent Brockman.
The Simpsons Episode Guide - Season Eighteen Episode Guide for ...
Ned leads a protest against Kent Brockman's news station after he accidentally swears on television when spilling hot coffee on his lap. When Kent is eventually  ...
Language Lessons From "The Simpsons" - Grammar and Composition
Kent Brockman: Ladies and gentlemen, I've been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and I can say without hyperbole that this is a million times worse than all of ...
Charles Montgomery Burns - Simpsons Wiki
Kent Brockman also credits Burns with having stolen Christmas from 1981 to 1985. In the non-canon Future-Drama, it was suggested that he did so again.
Homer Simpson for President - About Animated TV
Nov 7, 2004 ... ... it was reported today by local Springfield news anchor Kent Brockman. Simpson detailed his would-be platform after downing several cans of ...
Mr. Burns and Britney Spears - About Animated TV
Britney Spears co-hosts the annual Springfield Pride Awards with Kent Brockman in "The Mansion Family" on The Simpsons. When the original winner of the ...
The Simpsons Characters Pictures - About Animated TV
Chief Wiggum - The Simpsons - Twentieth Century Fox. Cheif Wiggum. Cheif Wiggum · Kent Brockman - The Simpsons - Twentieth Century Fox. Kent Brockman.
'The Simpsons' Episode Guide - Season 21 - About Animated TV
Next, Krusty's latest fast-food sandwich transforms news anchor Kent Brockman into an enraged zombie and twenty-eight days later, cannibal zombies have ...
Day of the Jackanapes - About Animated TV
Day of the Jackanapes picture from The Simpsons of Moe and Kent Brockman.
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