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'The Simpsons' Cast - Who does what voice
Who does the voice of what character on The Simpsons? Here's a cast list, along with which characters each actor and actress do.
The Simpsons - Cast and Voice Actors - Animated TV - About.com
The Simpsons cast has become world famous, with movies, books, radio shows and other projects to their credit. Learn more about the cast of The Simpsons, ...
"The Simpsons" Cast and Guest Stars in Movies - Animated TV
Guest stars and cast members from "The Simpsons" have been in a lot of great movies. Here's a sample list.
Live Appearances of "The Simpsons" Cast - Animated TV - About.com
It's not very often you get to see the voices behind "The Simpsons" in real life. But there have been live appearances by the cast of "The Simpsons." Following ...
'SpongeBob SquarePants' Cast - List of Voice Actors - Animated TV
The cast of characters includes SpongeBob himself, as well as his friends, co- workers and the other citizens of .... Who does what voice on 'The Simpsons'?
Futurama Cast - Who Does What Voice - Animated TV - About.com
Read this cast list to find out who gives voice to Fry, Leela, Bender and the other ... She can also be heard on The Simpsons and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as ...
Top 20 Guest Stars on The Simpsons - Animated TV - About.com
List of The Simpsons guest stars top 20, including some recurring characters, such ... "The Simpsons" Cast and Guest Stars in Movies · African-American Guest  ...
The Simpsons Characters Pictures - Animated TV - About.com
Pictures of The Simpsons characters from Springfield, including Krusty the Clown , Chief Wiggum, Moe, Apu, Barney and more.
Nancy Cartwright Interview and Biography - Animated TV - About.com
Nancy Cartwright is known to millions of fans of The Simpsons as the voice of Bart Simpson. In October, 2000, Nancy released her autobiography My Life as a  ...
The Simpsons Movie Cast - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Cast and crew list for the movie, The Simpsons Movie, starring Nancy Cartwright and Julie Kavner, and directed by David Silverman. The Simpsons Movie movie ...
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