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Adult Swim - Guide to Cartoons - Animated TV - About.com
Adult Swim began as a block of cartoons airing in the wee hours on Cartoon Network in 2001. Adult Swim became an official network in 2005, breaking away  ...
Adult Swim - History - Animated TV - About.com
History of the original shows that aired when Adult Swim was new.
Adult Swim Merchandise - Animated TV - About.com
Use these guides and lists to find the perfect action figure, toy, t-shirt or other Adult Swim merchandise.
A General Guide to Motivation and Adult Swim Lessons - Swimming
When teaching adult swim lessons, especially to those who are beginner swimmers or learning a new skill, there are two aspects that really jump out that make ...
Superjail! Review - Adult Swim - Animated TV - About.com
Superjail! is a pilot cartoon that aired during Adult Swim's Night of 1000 Pilots. ( There were actually only five.) Read my review of Superjail!, where the world's ...
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell - Review of the Adult Swim Comedy
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell is another parade of non sequiturs from Adult Swim, taking a thin premise (being a demon working in Hell is just like having a ...
Pee-wee's Playhouse Makes TV Return on Adult Swim - Animated TV
Hey, Chairry! Pee-Wee's Playhouse, that wonderful Saturday morning mind-trip of a TV show, is coming to Adult Swim.
Adult Swim New and Returning Shows for 2013-2014 - Animated TV
May 11, 2013 ... Adult Swim announced new and returning cartoon series for 2013-2014, adding not only original cartoons to their slate of programming, but ...
Adult Swim New and Returning Cartoons for 2014-2015 - Animated TV
Find out if your favorite cartoon is returning to Adult Swim. Plus, a few new cartoons from well-known creators will be added to the 2014-2015 TV season.
Witch Hunter Robin will Premiere During ADULT SWIM in February
"Witch Hunter Robin" comes to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim beginning Monday , February 16. The gothic series about a supernatural threat to modern society ...
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