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'South Park' Awards

Emmy and Peabody


South Park - Imaginationland

South Park - Imaginationland

Comedy Central

South Park has won many awards since the first episode aired in 1997. Following is a partial list of top honors given to South Park, including Emmy and Cable Ace Awards.

Emmy Awards

2009 for "Margaritaville."

2008 for One Hour Programming for "Imaginationland."

2007 for "Make Love, Not Warcraft."

2005 for "Best Friends Forever."

South Park has been nominated for Emmys for the following episodes:

2011 for "Crack Baby Athletic Association."

2010 for "200/201."

2006 for "Trapped In The Closet."

2004 for "Christmas In Canada."

2002 for episode "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants."

2000 for episode "Chinpoko Mon."

1998 for episode "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride."

Cable Ace Awards

1997 Animated Programming Special or Series

Producer's Guild of America Golden Laurel Awards

1998 Most Promising Producer in Television

Peabody Award


For a full list of South Park awards, go to the Internet Movie Database.

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