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Virtual Springfield

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


Virtual Springfield

Virtual Springfield takes you through the town of "The Simpsons."


The Bottom Line

Virtual Springfield is fun for "Simpsons" fans looking to explore Springfield. But if you're looking for excitement or obstacles, look elsewhere.


  • Meeting "Simpsons" characters.
  • Visiting Springfield locations.
  • Original animation.


  • No real challenges or plots.


  • More than 35,000 frames of original animation.
  • 3-D animation of the town of Springfield.
  • Hidden location for you to find and explore.
  • Dialogue recorded by the entire regular cast.
  • Mini-games can be played throughout the town.

Guide Review - Virtual Springfield

Virtual Springfield isn't so much a game as an interactive tour of Springfield and "The Simpsons" characters. Though your task is to collect trading cards around town, it doesn't offer any difficulty in finding them. The game controls make it difficult, however, to pick up the cards and collect them.

The real fun of Virtual Springfield is browsing the Kwik E Mart, visiting Krustylu Studios or hangin' on Evergreen Terrace with the Simpson family. The entire cast lent their voice to this game, so meeting the characters and hearing their quotes is a lot of laughs.

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