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How To Send a Script to The Simpsons


Lots of fans like to write their own episodes of The Simpsons. Getting one on the air is quite difficult. If you’re dedicated, follow these steps for submitting your Simpsons script.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: Years

Here's How:

  1. Practice writing skills during your years in school. Writing for the high school yearbook, newspaper, or other publication is strongly advised.
  2. Study screenwriting, creative writing, or a similar field in college.
  3. After college, keep writing and studying. Attend seminars and more classes.
  4. Try to get a job writing for local production companies or television shows. If at all possible, move to Los Angeles and try to get work in television.
  5. Begin submitting scripts or treatments to agents. You must secure an agent to be considered a professional writer.
  6. After you have made a deal with an agent, begin submitting scripts to Fox through your agent. Fox will not accept scripts from writers without agents.
  7. Cross your fingers.


  1. During your formative years, submit essays and scripts to contests to get feedback on your work.
  2. You can get a list of agents who are willing to look at new writers from the Writers Guild of America West (located in L.A.).
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